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Fr. Austin Gilstrap: Pastor

Fr. Austin Gilstrap


615-338-3901 Contact Me
Fr. Thomas Kalam: Associate Pastor

Fr. Thomas Kalam

Associate Pastor

615-338-3901 tkalam@gmail.com
Fr.  Nonso Ohanaka: Associate Pastor & Youth Minister

Fr. Nonso Ohanaka

Associate Pastor & Youth Minister

615-338-3901 Contact Me
Mike Rector: Deacon

Mike Rector


615-957-3275 mirector@aol.com
John Lammers: Deacon

John Lammers


615-351-1031 jblkoscan@gmail.com

Pastoral Staff

Rhonda Wigger: Senior Director of Parish Ministries

Rhonda Wigger

Senior Director of Parish Ministries

615-338-3901 rhondaw@ololcc.org
Jennifer Harris: Communications Coordinator

Jennifer Harris

Communications Coordinator

615-338-3902 jenniferh@ololcc.org
Leanna Baker: Parish Coordinator

Leanna Baker

Parish Coordinator

615-338-3908 leannab@ololcc.org
Laura Sardagna: Business Manager

Laura Sardagna

Business Manager

615-338-3913 lauras@oololcc.org
Michael Smith: Director of Faith Formation

Michael Smith

Director of Faith Formation

615-338-3910 michaels@ololcc.org
Patti Deffendall: Director of Adult Faith Formation

Patti Deffendall

Director of Adult Faith Formation

615-944-8986 pattideffendall@comcast.net
Verenice Dubon: Office Manager for Faith Formation

Verenice Dubon

Office Manager for Faith Formation

615-338-3920 vereniced@ololcc.org
Sharon Scruggs: Finance Coordinator

Sharon Scruggs

Finance Coordinator

615-338-3906 sharons@ololcc.org
Mitchell Price: Director of Music & Liturgy

Mitchell Price

Director of Music & Liturgy

615-338-3909 mitchellp@ololcc.org
Elsa Ehinger: Hispanic Ministry Director

Elsa Ehinger

Hispanic Ministry Director

615-338-3911 elsae@ololcc.org
Jack Shade: Facility Manager

Jack Shade

Facility Manager

615-338-3905 jacks@ololcc.org
Stephanie Bradley: Nursery Coordinator

Stephanie Bradley

Nursery Coordinator

615-824-3276 nursery@ololcconline.com