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Catholic School Subsidy Guidelines

Guidelines for 2022-2023 School Year:

Please note that our subsidy guidelines had been somewhat relaxed due to the pandemic.  Going forward, however, we are going back to pre-pandemic guidelines which are listed below.  Please be sure to read these guidelines all the way through to make sure you are doing what is necessary to qualify for the 2023-2024 school subsidy.
Our Lady of the Lake is proud to support families choosing to provide their children with a Catholic education.  In partnership with Catholic Schools, it is our hope that we can give our young people a solid foundation in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  The source and pinnacle of the life of a Catholic is the Sunday Eucharist and therefore, attendance and participation at Sunday (or Saturday evening) Mass  is vital for sustaining a Catholic faith.
The Pastoral and Finance Councils have agreed that families who attend Mass on a regular basis may request that money received from the offertory be used to support parishioners sending their children to Catholic schools, thereby reducing their tuition burden.

  1. The family must be registered in the parish.
  2. Regular participation is defined as attending Mass a minimum of 30 Sundays per year and these Sundays (or Saturday evenings) are registered by using your Parish envelope.
  3. The amount placed in the parish envelope has no bearing on the decision to grant the subsidy.  
  4. If you choose to give to the Parish electronically, you will still be required to place an envelope into the offertory basket.  You can place an empty envelope in the offertory and that will register your attendance at Mass.
  5. Please note that placing multiple envelopes into the basket will count as one Sunday.  For example, if you place an entire month’s worth of envelopes into the basket, it will only be registered as one Sunday, not four.
  6. Please consider giving of your time and talents.  Volunteers are always needed in the Faith Formation Ministry, Children’s Liturgy, Food Pantry, Nursery, etc.
  7. The pastor makes the final decision for the tuition subsidy with the understanding that families may request a meeting with him if there are any concerns over any decisions made.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Leanna Baker at or 615-338-3908.