May 17, 2020 5:30 pm

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Father Eric announced the following steps we will take to safely reopen the church along with directives from Bishop Spalding. We ask for your prayers and patience in this process. We will continue to carefully evaluate the situation as we go along. Thank you.

– – – – –

On Saturday, May 23rd, Mass will continue to be live streamed without parishioners.

We will have public Masses on Sunday, May 24th, outside in the parking lot of
St. Joseph Hall at 8:30AM and 11:00AM in English and 6:00PM in Spanish.

Bishop Spalding has announced that the Diocese will begin the process to resume the public celebration of Mass. Each pastor has been given the flexibility to determine the best process for reopening his parish based on his individual situation. This process has involved many meetings and lots of consideration to provide for the safety of you, our parishioners.

A few things to note for the outside Mass:

• Please be patient. We are all trying to get used to a new normal, and we will have to determine what works and what does not work at our parish. OLOL is a large parish, and we are proceeding with caution.

• All are reminded that the dispensation from the obligation to attend Holy Mass on Sunday has been extended through June 30, 2020. Those who have an illness, anyone over the age of 65, those who worry that attending Mass and potentially being exposed to the Coronavirus will jeopardize their health or the health of a person with whom they live, are strongly encouraged to remain home at this time and refrain from attending Mass. Live streaming will still be available and encouraged.

• Bring your own chair. We will social distance between families, but there will not be any chairs set up. You must bring your own chair and take it with you when you leave.

• Please check our social media (website, parish app, facebook) before you leave your house if the weather is in question. In the event of inclement weather, the public Mass will be cancelled, and the Mass will be livestreamed privately from the sanctuary with clergy only.

• All CDC guidelines for personal hygiene are to be followed, especially those concerning hand washing and sanitizing. Facial coverings (masks) should be worn by all present.

• Those that administer Holy Communion will take every precaution: purifying hands thoroughly before and after offering Holy Communion and wearing a face mask during the Rite of Communion.

• The nursery is closed until at least June 30th.

All other Masses will continue to be live streamed without parishioners. We will reevaluate and monitor our decisions weekly. By working together as a community of faith we can successfully move through this public health crisis and come together as a parish family again.