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2021 OLOL Nursery Registration Form – Please feel free to download and complete before your first visit to the nursery.


Welcome! Our nursery caregivers provide a safe and nurturing environment for the toddlers of our church family in order to allow parents to focus on their own spiritual growth during Sunday Masses.


The nursery is open to children from age 1 through age 4. A parent must be a registered member of the parish in order to take advantage of this service.


The nursery will be open during both Sunday morning Masses. It will open 15 minutes before Mass begins and will close 10 minutes after Mass concludes. The nursery will also be available between the two Sunday Masses for children (ages 1 through 4) of RCIA participants and sponsors, attendees of adult education classes, and Religious Education Catechists only.

The nursery will be closed on Easter Sunday, any Sunday that falls on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and any Sunday on which the staff is unable to be present due to hazardous weather or illness. The nursery will stop accepting children if the maximum caregiver:child ratio has been met.

Download the MyParish app by texting App to 88202 or visiting to receive announcements about nursery closings and other important OLOL information.


Before leaving your child in the nursery for the first time, you must complete the OLOL Nursery Registration Form. Before leaving your child in the nursery for the second time, you must complete an OLOL Parish Registration Form and submit it to the church office.

When dropping your child off at the nursery, please remain in the hallway. Only those who have completed the safety training and background check (provided by the diocese) may enter. Please sign your child in on the clipboard at the door. Take a pager with you to allow the staff to reach you during Mass if necessary. We will do our best to calm upset children but will contact you if your child is inconsolable for over ten minutes.

Please provide the staff with diapers, wipes, and a change of clothing if your child is not fully toilet trained. Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home, and no food and drinks will be allowed in the nursery.


Please only bring your child to the nursery when he/she is well. Any child who has had a fever within the past 24 hours, vomiting or diarrhea, significant nasal drainage not associated with allergies, cold symptoms, sore throat, unexplained rash, or any known infection is a danger to the health of other children and should not attend nursery.


Children are expected to follow the directions of the caregivers and respect the personal space of the other children in the nursery. Children will be redirected away from unwanted behavior. In the case of aggressive behavior, a child will receive an age-appropriate timeout and parents will be given a written notice. If aggressive behavior causes injury to another child or a staff member, parents will be notified immediately. If a second written notice for aggressive behavior must be given, the caregivers will ask that the child not return to the nursery.


We welcome volunteers to help out in the nursery! If you choose to volunteer, you will always work alongside at least one nursery employee, and you won’t be expected to change diapers or take children to the restroom. You can sign up to volunteer at any frequency you wish or on an as-needed basis. Volunteers help us meet the childcare needs of our parishioners, and we greatly appreciate those who give their time to this ministry.

You must complete a simple safety training and background check and wait for it to clear before volunteering in the nursery. Please see the nursery staff for printed instructions for the online training found at


Please contact Stephanie Bradley Nursery Director, at with any questions, comments, or concerns surrounding the OLOL Nursery Ministry.