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St. Bertin to dedicate their new church building

St. Bertin

On behalf of St. Bertin, thank you to everyone for helping to build a new church for St. Bertin, our twin parish in Haiti. 

As you may know, St. Bertin’s church was damaged by an earthquake in October 2018. The parishioners of St. Bertin did not have the resources to rebuild their church, and they are forever grateful to OLOL for making this dream come true. For four years, the parish has celebrated Mass in their parish hall building, which is not large enough for everyone to gather inside. The people of St. Bertin are so excited that, once again, they will have a fitting place to worship in communion with one another. This would not be possible without the help and support of OLOL parishioners. 

We are pleased to announce that St. Bertin is celebrating the dedication of the new church on Sunday, December 4. OLOL will join St. Bertin in commemorating this special event at Masses this weekend.


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